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Divorce Attorney in Tampa, Florida

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Increasingly, this practice has included representation in domestic violence injunction actions—primarily defending the client against false claims being made by his wife to try gaining an edge in a divorce or custody dispute. After more than 25 years of representing men who are going through divorce or paternity litigation and all the related issues those entail, James R. Kramer has the experience to efficiently and effectively represent your interests.
Admitted to and in good standing with the Florida Bar since 1984, James R. Kramer will work to preserve your rights, time, and parental control for your children, working for equal timesharing wherever practical. You are not divorcing your children even though your spouse may want to try treating it that way.

Even after divorce, the fact remains that the best parent is both parents. Your kids don't have to be casualties of your divorce, nor should the divorce cost them either parent. Attorney Kramer will work with you to best ensure they aren't. Regarding division of the marital and any pre-marital and/or non-marital money, pensions, investments, home(s), and other property, attorney Kramer will ensure that your financial settlement is fair and within legal requirements for equitable distribution.

As a divorced father who had custody of his own daughter throughout her high school years, attorney Kramer is well aware of the challenges of trying to co-parent with what can seem a most difficult ex-spouse. The stress of divorce, the uncertainty over dividing assets, fighting to maintain your rights with your children, the personal attacks, and the strain it puts on friends, family, and even employment—that is where an experienced attorney with James R. Kramer's background can make a difference. He always provides the calming and relevant advice and counsel you need.

Your calls will be returned and your questions answered. You will know where your divorce is headed and why. James R. Kramer will make time to answer all your questions; he does not employ "junior attorneys" or paralegals to see you instead. He will work with you personally and advise you to try to help you settle your case as efficiently as possible. If it cannot be settled out of court, then he will work tirelessly to have you prepared for trial.