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Alimony Modification in Tampa Florida

Alimony Modification - Kramer James R Attorney at Law in Tampa Florida
Alimony is governed by Florida Statute 61.08 and related case law, primarily, modifiable (unless it was agreed to be unmodifiable alimony in your Marital Settlement Agreement), based upon a change of circumstances of your own and your ex-spouse's financial circumstances. That would generally include your income increasing, her income increasing, your income decreasing, her becoming disabled, or some combination of those.

Alimony modification is still governed by essentially “her need and your ability to pay", as it was in the original Final Judgment.

If the Final Judgment established her need at one level and she is now earning that level of income, then arguably she has no continuing need anymore and you can argue that the alimony should now be ended. If she is earning substantially more than she did at the time of your divorce such that her ... Read more